A Frog in Copenhagen

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I have recently come back from a surprise trip to Copenhagen (thank you Mr Greedy Frog!) and I totally and utterly fell in love with the city! We had a fantastic time strolling along the canals, and taking in the atmosphere, and obviously sampling a fair bit of the food!

Every restaurant and café we visited offered great food, and the service was friendly and efficient everywhere. Add to this the unbelievably relaxed feel of the city, and the beautiful surroundings… I never wanted to leave! Here is a quick summary of our trip with a few recommendations for those of you considering a visit to the Danish capital.

We stayed at Kong Arthur Hotel, which was lovely and very comfortable, and also well situated to explore the city on foot. On our first morning there, we had brunch at Kafe Klimt, a stone’s throw from the hotel. For me, a few picks from the brunch menu: bread, butter, jam, pastries, cinnamon rolls, pancakes with a chocolate sauce, and a fantastic parmesan soufflé, served with crispy Serrano ham. Mr Greedy Frog opted for a club sandwich, which turned out to be a towering creation composed of crispy bacon, grilled chicken, cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes and more, held together with 3 slices of toasted seeded bread. And all of it was delicious!

Unable to walk for very long after such a feast, we decided on a canal cruise, which gave us a great introduction to the city. Then after a few drinks in some of the canal-side bars of Nyhavn, we had dinner at Det Lille Apotek. This restaurant has been in existence since 1720, and serves traditional Danish food in a décor that has barely changed over the last century.

Perfect chips at Det Lille Apotek

Perfect chips at Det Lille Apotek

I enjoyed my butter-fried, breaded plaice fillets, which were gorgeous and golden, and served with chips, and parsley sauce. The chips were a-ma-zing, the best I have eaten in a very, very long time. My husband went for the Apotek steak, topped with crispy bacon, and cheese. We then shared a traditional Apple dessert: a sweet apple compote with a crumble topping. The wine wasn’t bad either but to my shame I can’t remember what it was; I probably enjoyed it a bit too much, actually!

On the following day, we had a quick breakfast at a bakery in the indoor market off Linnesgade, then visited the Rundetårn (Round tower), which was designed so that King Christian IV could ascend it in a horse-drawn carriage.

Walking up the Rundetarn

Walking up the Rundetarn

Then we made a stop at the Nationalmuseet and visited, among other things, the Viking exhibition (the longship definitely deserves a visit!)

Lunch was a traditional Danish affair, with smørrebrød at Brooklyn Café. Smørrebrød consists of a slice of butterd bread (usually rye) lavishly topped with meat, fish, salad, etc. We sampled beef, horseradish and gherkins; and breaded plaice, fresh prawns and lemon. In the afternoon, the hotel spa beckoned and we relaxed in the sauna, steam room and hot tub.

My Smorrebrod

My Smorrebrod

For dinner, we opted for Peder Oxe, and spent the evening congratulating ourselves on our good judgement. Mr Greedy Frog went for Chateaubriand steak, served with a jacket potato, cherry tomatoes, and a lovely creamy sauce. The steak was unbelievably tender and perfectly cooked. I had wild roast duck, with wild mushrooms, roasted pumpkin, hazelnuts, and lovely small potatoes. It was so delicious, I would happily eat this meal over and over again for years to come. We followed this up with a cheese platter, and for dessert a very moreish hazelnut ice cream, served with ripe juicy plums, and buttery crisp waffles. Heaven!

Wild duck at Peder Oxe

Wild duck at Peder Oxe

Hazelnut ice cream

Hazelnut ice cream

On our last morning in Copenhagen, we were treated to a rather fierce storm, complete with torrential rain, thunder and lightning, so we wisely elected to stay at the hotel for breakfast. The buffet there was lovely and varied, with a great selection of teas, organic juices, fresh pastries, bread, and savoury choices.  A very tasty conclusion to a lovely trip!



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  1. What a fabulous trip! Great food. 🙂

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