A few words about this blog…

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, and finally after a few deep breaths, here I am!

I hope whoever reads this blog enjoys it. I am not quite sure yet how I would feel if no one ever read it, but I guess I will cross this bridge if/when I come to it.

I feel that it is important at this stage to clarify a few things:

  • I am neither a professional chef, nor a professional writer. I will quite probably make mistakes here and there, either cooking ones or writing ones. Feel free to point them out, I do not offend easily.
  • This is a blog about food. Food I like to cook, eat, share, buy, etc. It only reflects my tastes and opinions, and I am not here to try and “convert” anyone. I simply feel like sharing what takes up the best part of my spare time.
  • This blog is not about French food v. English food, or indeed any other type of food. If I think it tastes nice, I will blog about it, regardless of where it is from.

Enjoy, and feel free to drop me a line!

The Greedy Frog.


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